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You’re in a business you love, with great clients and a talented team of people: you have stories to tell, views to share, a profile to build. And yet, how to get your message into the media in a way that has traction?

We are Contento PR: a team of crack London-based B2B PR specialists, ready to tackle the toughest briefs.  We act as inhouse journalists for companies big and small, local and global. We believe “who dares, wins” that having a brave, differentiated point of view, really helps clients stand out in an increasingly crowded content market.

About Us

We’re former business journalists, led by ex-journalist and founder Poppy Brech, who have added value to both sides of the journalism/PR divide. 

Drawing on our experience on the frontline of weekly news magazines, we work for you as inhouse journalists. Our clients consistently enjoy top quality coverage in Times Raconteur, CNBC, Management Today, City AM, The Telegraph, VentureBeat to name a few. 

Hard to Beat Hit Rate

By understanding what journalists need, our hit rate in terms of placing articles in the media is close to 100 per cent.

We Dare to Flair

We know how to package clever ideas into content which balances clients’ business objectives with sharp thinking and writing.

Board Level Support

As a smaller, specialised agency with low overheads, we provide hands-on high level support at a competitive rate


Strategic Consultancy

Ideas you’ll love

We can advise you on which elements of your PR strategy are working well and which need improvement

Stories that Sell

Creating Compelling Content

We can work with you to generate and package smart, salient content ideas which we know will land with the media

Consistent Coverage

Effective Media Relations

We can connect you with our strong, ever-growing network of contacts in national, international and business press 

What our clients say

Poppy and Will can take the germ of an idea, turn it into a fully fledged piece of outreach and get it into some of the world’s most influential titles.

John Oswald

Managing Director, Method

It’s been amazing to work closely with Poppy. She really knows how to create content that generates consistently good press coverage which brings new business opportunities.

Kenneth Lindfors

Managing Director, Design Ventures London/Dubai

Poppy is a highly experienced PR professional. She knows how to time coverage to help support both tactical objectives such as getting people to sign up for an event as well as maintaining a more strategic ‘long game’. On a personal level she’s an absolute pleasure to work with, too.

Alex Crowfoot

Principal Designer, Meld Studios (Previously Head of Design at UsTwo), Idean UK